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Part No NSN Description QTY RFQ
AF085B5-4 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085B6-14 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085B8-7 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085D5-3 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085D5-5 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085D6-11 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085D6-8 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085D8-8 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M4-16 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M5-3 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M5-4 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M5-6 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M5-7 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M5-8 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M6-5 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085M8-5 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085MP6-10 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF085MP6-7 NA rivet solid Avl RFQ
AF3243-4-1 NA rivet blind Avl RFQ
AF3243-4-3 NA rivet blind Avl RFQ
AF3243-4-4 NA rivet blind Avl RFQ
AF3243-4-6 NA rivet blind Avl RFQ
AF3243-4-7 NA rivet blind Avl RFQ
AF3243-5-2 NA rivet blind Avl RFQ
AF3243-5-3 NA rivet blind Avl RFQ
BAC15DS7D6 5320-01-215-5420 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15AAD7-8 5320-00-702-6351 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15AD7-D10 5320-00-803-7092 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15AD7D4 5320-00-803-7088 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15AD7D9 5320-01-163-9348 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15AD7DD10 5320-01-220-6181 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15AD7DD14 5320-01-219-7257 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15AD9D7 5320-01-252-3168 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ADD7-12 5320-00-803-7091 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ADD7-6 5320-00-806-3549 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ADD7-7 5320-00-806-3550 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ADD7-8 5320-00-702-6351 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ADD7-9 5320-00-803-9392 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3A 5320-01-339-6966 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3A6C 5320-01-600-0390 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3AD2C 5320-01-452-1171 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3AD4C 5320-01-592-2207 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3AD6C 5320-01-592-2246 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3AD7C 5320-01-596-3843 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3AD8C 5320-01-596-3867 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3B5C 5320-01-607-9800 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3D4C 5320-01-163-5869 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3D5C 5320-01-569-8456 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA3KE9C 5320-01-456-6288 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA5AD8C 5320-01-592-2699 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA5D12 5320-01-394-2818 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA5D4 5320-01-190-7622 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA5D4C 5320-01-190-7622 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA5D9C 5320-01-569-8463 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA6D6 5320-01-190-7623 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA6D6C 5320-01-190-7623 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BA6D7C 5340-01-077-1668 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB3D5 5320-01-268-5818 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB4AD5C 5320-01-537-2379 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB4AD7C 5320-01-528-0808 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB4AD8C 5320-01-528-0806 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB4AD9C 5320-01-608-4602 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB5B6 5320-01-191-0534 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB5B6C 5320-01-191-0534 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB5D11C 5320-01-548-1496 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB5D6C 5320-01-569-8470 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6AD10C 5320-01-607-9154 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6AD4C 5320-01-596-3939 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6AD6C 5320-01-569-8472 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6AD8C 5320-01-598-0697 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6AD9 5320-00-754-0991 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6D6 5320-01-025-6478 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6D6C 5320-01-444-3817 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6D7C 5320-01-569-9144 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB6D8C 5320-01-458-0649 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB7D15R5 5320-01-437-0010 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BB9AD8 5320-01-219-6043 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BC3-16 5320-01-445-0410 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BC3-21 5320-01-433-7240 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BC3-24 5320-01-386-2536 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BC4-24 5320-01-390-0040 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15BC4-8 5320-01-598-2723 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CD6-4 5320-00-789-2232 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE3AD3 5320-01-607-9664 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE3AD4 5320-01-589-7504 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE4D3 5320-01-199-0286 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE4D4 5320-01-088-4049 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5AD10 5320-01-605-2734 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5AD3 5320-01-339-6938 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5AD4 5320-01-605-2738 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5AD6 5320-01-215-0137 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5B10 5320-01-476-8197 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5B4 5320-00-810-2311 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5D6 5320-01-437-1271 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5D9 5320-01-449-0824 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE5M7 5320-01-008-6896 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE6B14 5320-01-505-5266 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE6B8 5320-01-436-2591 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE6D3 5320-01-266-3860 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE6D9 5320-01-149-5407 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE6M10 5320-01-222-9141 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE8D12 5320-00-253-4188 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15CE8D6 5320-00-087-9843 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN3AD3-16 5320-01-220-9787 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN3AD6 5320-00-936-4621 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN4AD10 5320-01-230-0011 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN4AD5 5320-00-837-3614 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN4AD8 5320-00-936-4622 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN4AD9 5320-01-236-1822 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN5AD11 5320-01-229-0300 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN5AD5 5320-00-012-0737 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN5AD6 5320-00-110-5718 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN5AD7 5320-00-936-4625 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN5AD8 5320-00-936-4626 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN5AD9 5320-00-052-7106 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN6AD8 5320-00-936-4623 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DN6D4 5320-01-232-7475 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP3AD3 5320-00-470-3634 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP3AD4 5320-00-837-3611 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP4AD10 5320-00-052-7111 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP4AD5 5320-00-837-3612 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP4AD7 5320-00-143-6281 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP4AD8 5320-00-823-4934 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP4AD9 5320-00-023-7755 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP4ADA 5320-00-512-7057 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DP6D9 5320-01-230-0013 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3-10 5320-00-004-3504 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3-11 5320-00-004-3505 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3-12 5320-00-004-3506 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3-4 5320-00-005-6256 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3-6 5320-00-982-8433 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3-9 5320-00-004-3501 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3A3 5320-01-355-1467 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR3PA5 5320-01-511-9737 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DR4A6 5320-01-232-5109 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS7D10 5320-01-255-4638 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS7D14 5320-01-255-4641 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS7D5 5320-01-215-5421 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS7D6 5320-01-215-5420 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS7D8 5320-01-215-5423 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS7D9 5320-01-244-9020 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS9D7 5320-01-362-6192 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15DS9D9 5320-01-324-5031 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET-7D12 5320-01-436-4832 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET-7D12R5 5320-01-440-2692 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET-7D14 5320-01-440-2690 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET-7D15 5320-01-437-0012 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET-7D15R5 5320-01-437-0010 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET-7D17 5320-01-437-0015 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET7AD8 5320-01-252-3169 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET7D10 5320-01-265-4826 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET7D11 5320-01-164-1668 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET7D5 5320-01-164-1662 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET7D6 5320-00-323-4573 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET7D9 5320-01-265-4827 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET9AD12 5320-01-220-9785 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET9D12 5320-00-804-3999 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET9D13 5320-01-416-8871 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET9D7 5320-01-164-1665 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ET9DD10 5320-01-222-8014 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15ETD99 5320-00-087-7172 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH10AD11 5320-01-433-9018 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH10AD12 5320-01-433-9019 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH10AD13 5320-01-433-9806 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH10AD14 5320-01-433-9809 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH10AD15 5320-01-433-9810 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH11AD11 5320-01-433-9812 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH11AD13 5320-01-433-9813 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH11AD14 5320-01-433-9814 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH11AD15 5320-01-433-9815 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH11AD16 5320-01-433-9816 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH11AD17 5320-01-433-9817 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH12AD13 5320-01-434-0093 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH12AD14 5320-01-434-0154 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH12AD15 5320-01-434-0094 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH12AD16 5320-01-434-0095 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH12AD17 5320-01-434-0096 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH12AD18 5320-01-434-0097 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH13AD15 5320-01-434-0099 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH13AD16 5320-01-434-0100 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH13AD18 5320-01-434-0572 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH13AD19 5320-01-434-0552 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH9AD10 5320-01-434-0405 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH9AD11 5320-01-434-0440 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH9AD12 5320-01-434-0444 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH9AD13 5320-01-434-0459 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH9AD14 5320-01-434-0543 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FH9AD9 5320-01-434-0402 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FR6E2R 5320-01-608-4439 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FT5D7 5320-01-436-6473 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FT5D7C 5320-01-436-6473 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15FV6KE10 5320-01-588-1191 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF5D5 5320-01-605-2737 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF6D6 5320-01-605-2743 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF7B8 5306-01-593-5568 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF7D10 5306-01-593-5774 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF7D5 5306-01-593-8817 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF7D6 5306-01-593-5776 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF7D8 5306-01-593-5568 NA Avl RFQ
BACR15GF7D9 5306-01-593-5577 NA Avl RFQ

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