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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
054002 NA eol'' cord, modular telephone line, 25ft Avl RFQ
076-01145-0003 NA consignment Avl RFQ
10150563-101 NA consignment Avl RFQ
107-02-AL-140-A NA lyntron 107-02-al-140-a Avl RFQ
11479735 NA consignment Avl RFQ
14030HSS1.10-12 NA consignment Avl RFQ
16000183-1 NA consignment Avl RFQ
2312456-3 NA consignment Avl RFQ
2420B44 NA lyntron 2420b44 Avl RFQ
2436-084-44 NA lyn-tron 2436-084-44 Avl RFQ
35110943 NA consignment Avl RFQ
407503796 NA standoff Avl RFQ
5189188-002 NA consignment Avl RFQ
7002623-2 NA consignment Avl RFQ
7055254-2 NA consignment Avl RFQ
721617-102 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AA-5171-10.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
AA5005-35-14.0 NA lyntron aa5005-35-14.0-00 Avl RFQ
AA5083-3050-38.0-00 NA 6mmhxm3x38mm f/f standoff aluminum rohs compliant Avl RFQ
AA5171-05.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
AA5171-19.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
AA5171-29.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
AA5172-25.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
AA634525025000 NA aa6345-25-0.250-00 spacer .50 od Avl RFQ
AA6951-632-.437 NA lyntron aa6951-0632-0.437-00 Avl RFQ
AA6958025601872 NA lyntron aa-6958-0256-0-.187-25 Avl RFQ
AAXSPR-00223-00 NA lyntron aaxspr-00223-00 alum spacer Avl RFQ
AL-5083-3050-22.0-00 NA lp053011 Avl RFQ
AL-5172-16.0-00 NA lyntron al-5172-16.0-00 Avl RFQ
AL-6315-B-0.125-00 NA 3/16rx1/4x#3 aluminum round swage spacer Avl RFQ
AL-6337-B-1-22 NA al-6337-b-1-22 Avl RFQ
AL-6982-0.500-2 NA lyntron al-6982-0.500-22 Avl RFQ
AL1972-18 NA lyntron al1972-16 Avl RFQ
AL50053008022 NA lyntron al-5005-30-08.0-22 Avl RFQ
AL5081305014000 NA lyn-tron al-5081-3050-14.0-00 Avl RFQ
AL5083-3050-25.0-22 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
AL5083305012022 NA lyntron al-5083-3050-12.0-22 Avl RFQ
AL5083305029022 NA lyn-tron al5083-3050-29.0-22 Avl RFQ
AL5083305037022 NA lyntron al5083-3050-37.0-22 Avl RFQ
AL5085-4070-10.0-21 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL5085305025000 NA lyntron al-5085-3050-25.0-00 Avl RFQ
AL5172-24.00 NA lyntron al5172-24.00 Avl RFQ
AL6305C0.300-21 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6310B31222 NA standoff, swge, 1/4x.312, .118 shk Avl RFQ
AL6311B-0.31212 NA lyntron al6311-b-0.312-12 Avl RFQ
AL6311B0.187-12 NA lyntron al6311b-0.187-12 Avl RFQ
AL6318B1.000-00 NA lytron al6318-b-1.000-00 Avl RFQ
AL6340-04-0.625-21 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6340040.37522 NA lyntron al-6340-04-0.375-22 Avl RFQ
AL6341-06-0.250-22 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6341-06-0.375 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6342-08-0.187-00 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6940-0440-0.5 NA lyntron al6940-0440-0.500-00 Avl RFQ
AL6940-0440-2.500-22 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6950-0440-.312-22 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6950-0440-1.312-22 NA consignment Avl RFQ
AL6950044007872 NA lyntron al6950-0440-0.787-22 Avl RFQ
AL6951-0440-0.625-00 NA lp053011 Avl RFQ
AL695104400.500 NA al6951-0440-0.500-21 Avl RFQ
AL6951063213750 NA lyntron al6951-0632-1.375-00 Avl RFQ
AL6951063240000 NA lyntron al6951-0632-4.000-00 Avl RFQ
AL6952-0832-1.5 NA lyntron al6952-0832-1.500-00 Avl RFQ
AL6958025601872 NA lyntron al-6958-0256-0-.187-21 Avl RFQ
AL6979-0.250-00 NA standoff, hex, x.250, 4-40 , 3/16 Avl RFQ
AL6980M.312-0.218-22 NA consignment Avl RFQ
B1533B532-4 NA consignment Avl RFQ
BR-5081-3050-10.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
BR-5172-25-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR-6911-B-0425-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR-6940-0440-.25-BR NA new Avl RFQ
BR-6981-0.375-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR-6982-1.125-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR-6986-0.500-6 NA lyntron br-6986-0.500-61 Avl RFQ
BR5081-2545-06.0-43 NA consignment Avl RFQ
BR5081-2545-16.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
BR5081-3050-08.0-00 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
BR5081-3050-14-00 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR5081254510-34 NA lyntron br5081-2545-10.0-34 Avl RFQ
BR5086508025.00 NA lyntron br-5086-5080-25.0-00 Avl RFQ
BR5114SPB-08.4-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR5170-08.0-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR5170M06.0-05.0-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR5172-06-35 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR5172-13.0-34 NA lyntron br5172-13.0-34 Avl RFQ
BR5173-13.0-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6303C-0187-00 NA lyntron br603c-0.187-00 brass swage Avl RFQ
BR6310B-0.437-34 NA bag Avl RFQ
BR6310B-0140-43 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6311-B.125-42 NA lyntron br-6311-b-0.125-42 Avl RFQ
BR6311-SPB-0.375-63 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6311B-0.250-0 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6317B-0.12500 NA lyntron br6317b-0.125-00 swage spacer Avl RFQ
BR6351-04-0.375-00 NA consignment Avl RFQ
BR6910-SPB-0.250-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6910-SPB-0.375-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6910B-0.187-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6910B-0.250-63 NA lp053011 Avl RFQ
BR6910B-0.31261 NA lyntron br6910b-0.312-63 Avl RFQ
BR6910SPB50042 NA lyntron br6910sp-b-.500-42 Avl RFQ
BR6910SPB562-61 NA lyntron br6910spb-0.562-61 Avl RFQ
BR6911-SPB-0.125-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6911-SPB-0.250-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6911-SPB-0.500-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6911-SPB-0.750-63 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6911A-0.250-43 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6911B-0.187-44 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6915B-0.187-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6915B-0.18734 NA lyntron br6915b-0.187-34 standoff Avl RFQ
BR6915B-0.425-43 NA 3/16rx.425x4-40 brass swage standoff bright electro tin Avl RFQ
BR6920B-0312-48 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6940-0440-0.250-00 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6950-0256-812-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6950-0440-0.312-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6950-0440-0.437-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6950-0440-0.562-42 NA lp053011 Avl RFQ
BR6950-0440-0.625-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6950044047037 NA lyntron br6950-0440-0.470-37 fem. stoff Avl RFQ
BR6951-0440-0.500-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6951-0440-1.000-00 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6951-0632-1.000-43 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6951-0632-1.250-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6968-0256-1.875-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6979-0.187-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6979-0.375-34 NA standoff, hex, x.375, 4-40, 3/16 Avl RFQ
BR6980-0.375-34 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6981-0.250-00 NA new Avl RFQ
BR6982-0.625-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6988-0.750-43 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR6991B44 NA consignment Avl RFQ
BR9411-36 NA NA Avl RFQ
BR9446-61 NA NA Avl RFQ
BRXSWS-00021-43 NA NA Avl RFQ
CX4434U5-1-4IN NA NA Avl RFQ
D20418-2 NA dconnector Avl RFQ
DGS652-1 NA terminal Avl RFQ
HP 1252-3056 NA oem xs asia Avl RFQ
LH-001 NA NA Avl RFQ
LT31142 NA consignment Avl RFQ
M24308 26-1 NA dconnector Avl RFQ
M3388S12 NA consignment Avl RFQ
M5515529XG05 NA terminal Avl RFQ
NAS1831B4C08 NA consignment Avl RFQ
NY-5003-30-06.0 NA lyntron ny-5003-30-6.0 4.5mm od x 6mm Avl RFQ
NY-5171-08.0-00 NA m4.5hx8mmxm3.0 m/f nylon standoff Avl RFQ
NY-6341-06-125-00 NA lyn-tron# ny6341-06-125-0 0 Avl RFQ
NY5081254510000 NA lyntron ny-5081-2545-10.0-00 Avl RFQ
NY6341060.41000 NA lyntron ny-6341-06-0.410-00 Avl RFQ
NY6346-25-0.187-00 NA s t o c k Avl RFQ
NY634802018700 NA lyn-tron #ny-6348-02-0.187-00 Avl RFQ
NY6940044005000 NA lyntron ny-6940-0440-0.500-00 Avl RFQ
NY6950-0440-0.437-00 NA lp053011 Avl RFQ
SS-5172-22-00 NA in stk-100/bag- Avl RFQ
SS-7610-01 NA lyn-tron #ss-7610-01 Avl RFQ
SS-9427-01 NA lyntron ss-9427-01 Avl RFQ
SS3234-00 NA ss3234-00 Avl RFQ
SS5085-4070-25-00 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS5171-22.0-0 NA lyntron ss5171-22.0-00 m/f standoff Avl RFQ
SS5172-04.0-00 NA lyn-tron ss5172-04.0-00 Avl RFQ
SS5172-10.0-00 NA lyntron ss 5172-10.0-00 Avl RFQ
SS5172-10.0-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS5172-14.0-01 M3 NA lyntron ss5172-14.0-01 m3 thread Avl RFQ
SS5174-19.0-00 NA lyntron ss-5174-19.0-00 m/f stdoff 6mm Avl RFQ
SS5301-XX NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
SS6950-0440-.312-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6950-0440-0.500-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6950-0440-1.000-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6951-0632-1.250-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6952-0832-1.00-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6977-0.656-00 NA lyntron ss6977-0.656-00 Avl RFQ
SS6979-0.250-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6979-0.500-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6979M.312-0.875-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS6979M6250.187 NA ss6979-m625-0.187-01y=.11 Avl RFQ
SS6980-0.250-01 NA ss6980-0.250-01 Avl RFQ
SS6981M.500-050 NA ss6981m.500-0.500-0 rohs comp Avl RFQ
SS6982-1.187 01 NA lyntron ss6982-1.187=01 Avl RFQ
SS6984-1.875-00 NA lyntron ss6984-1.875-00 Avl RFQ
SS9413-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS9414-01 NA lyntron ss9414-01 Avl RFQ
SS9422-01 NA consignment Avl RFQ
SS9424-01 NA hardware Avl RFQ
ST-3819-61 NA lyntron st-3819-61 Avl RFQ
ST-5172-12.0-34 NA lyntron st-5172-12.0-34 Avl RFQ
ST-9375-36 NA lyntron st-9375-36 locking post Avl RFQ
ST-9410-34 NA lyntron st-9410-34 Avl RFQ
ST-9411-34 NA lyntron st-9411-34 Avl RFQ
ST-9412-50 NA st-9412-50 Avl RFQ
ST5083305032.03 NA lytron#st5083-3050-32.0-35 Avl RFQ
ST5172-16.0-34 NA lyntron st5172-16.0-34 Avl RFQ
ST6951044050034 NA lyntron s6951-0440-.500-34 Avl RFQ
ST6979KM312-0.187-36 NA connectors/ d-sub Avl RFQ
ST6980-0.625-34 NA lyntron st6980-0.625-34 Avl RFQ
ST6980-1.500-34 NA lp053011 Avl RFQ
ST6981-0.312-34 NA lyntron st-6981-0.312-34 hex m/f stndoff Avl RFQ
ST6984-0.500-34 NA consignment Avl RFQ
ST9422-36 NA inventory m Avl RFQ
ST9455-34 NA oem _ex 5-7 days Avl RFQ
ST9531-36 NA lyntron st9531-36 Avl RFQ
ST9532-66 NA lyntron st9532-66 Avl RFQ

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