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Do you need the aviation component with part numbers such as 1282M73P01, 1285M66G03, 1301M32P17, 1324M93G01, 1324M95P01 with associated NSN like 2840012346142, 2840012403435, 5330012625413, 2840012625666, 5330012431816 from Cfm International Inc? Aviation Parts Online, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, possesses an inventory of over three billion parts including Shaft Turbine Aircraft, Support Turbine Nozzle, Pin Ay, Packingassembly, Shroud Segment Turbine both new and obsolete for the aviation and aerospace industry. Our customers can easily find everything they need with our online search engines, and our dedicated account managers are able to deliver customized solutions to their procurement issues, such as a need for obsolete parts or aircraft on ground situations. We are committed to quality assurance, with an FAA AC 0056B accreditation and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certification and are the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing policy. If you’re ready to get started, simply fill out the Instant RFQ form on this page, and one of our dedicated account managers will respond within fifteen minutes or less.

CAGE Code: 58828
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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
1282M73P01 2840-01-234-6142 shaft turbine aircraft Avl RFQ
1285M66G03 2840-01-240-3435 support turbine nozzle Avl RFQ
1301M32P17 NA pin ay Avl RFQ
1324M93G01 5330-01-262-5413 packingassembly Avl RFQ
1324M95P01 2840-01-262-5666 shroud segment turbine Avl RFQ
1359M85G06 5330-01-243-1816 gasket Avl RFQ
1466M22G01 4730-01-448-5934 flange pipe Avl RFQ
1475M29P01-201 2840-01-628-0329 disk turbine aircraft Avl RFQ
15R121 NA NA Avl RFQ
1784M84G01 NA seal assy Avl RFQ
1870M82G01 NA bracket Avl RFQ
1870M87P01 NA bracket Avl RFQ
1870M89P01 NA bracket Avl RFQ
1871M32G03 NA bracket Avl RFQ
1871M58P001A NA bracket Avl RFQ
1871M59P001B NA bracket Avl RFQ
1871M60G03 NA bracket Avl RFQ
1871M79G01 NA bracket Avl RFQ
1873M24P01 NA NA Avl RFQ
301-387-639-0 2840-01-184-0173 coolingmanifold Avl RFQ
301-482-419-0 2840-01-596-6677 gearshaft acc grbx Avl RFQ
301-568-711-0 5307-01-190-7225 stud Avl RFQ
301-569-403-0 5342-01-194-4538 bracket Avl RFQ
301-572-610-0 2840-01-190-4911 spacer assembly pump Avl RFQ
305-116-803-0 2840-01-596-6697 gearshaft acc grbx Avl RFQ
305-118-203-0 5330-01-337-6599 seal plain encased Avl RFQ
305-140-501-0 NA plate assembly Avl RFQ
305-142-702-0 NA nozzle ay Avl RFQ
305-142-901-0 NA nozzle ay Avl RFQ
305-143-102-0 NA nozzle ay Avl RFQ
305-143-501-0 NA nozzle ay Avl RFQ
305-145-502-0 NA nutplate steel Avl RFQ
305-145-802-0 NA ring ay Avl RFQ
305-146-202-0 NA ring ay Avl RFQ
305-146-402-0 NA gearshaft Avl RFQ
305-147-102-0 NA nozzle ay Avl RFQ
305-147-501-0 NA plug ay Avl RFQ
305-147-801-0 NA plug ay Avl RFQ
305-150-601-0 NA plug ay Avl RFQ
305-318-102-0 2840-01-182-6967 guide Avl RFQ
305-342-301-0 5340-01-231-8768 plug protective dust a Avl RFQ
305-390-702-0 2840-01-187-3197 nozzle segment turbine Avl RFQ
305-407-502-0 2840-01-184-0173 coolingmanifold Avl RFQ
305-414-401-0 2840-01-190-4916 support filter Avl RFQ
305-429-602-0 2840-01-184-0173 coolingmanifold Avl RFQ
305-429-603-0 2840-01-184-0173 coolingmanifold Avl RFQ
305-429-804-0 2840-01-184-0174 coolingmanifold Avl RFQ
305-736-600-0 1620-01-665-4204 pin trunnion Avl RFQ
314-2226-13 1680-01-650-0171 carriage plate assembl Avl RFQ
320-090-602-0 2840-01-191-9350 head connector turbine Avl RFQ
334-007-088-0 2840-01-421-9479 cone exhaust aircraft Avl RFQ
334-007-198-0 2840-01-421-9371 bushing acft engine Avl RFQ
335-011-601-0 5310-01-511-5465 washer shouldered Avl RFQ
336-025-102-0 NA NA Avl RFQ
336-029-202-0 NA cover assembly Avl RFQ
336-031-631-0 NA frame assembly Avl RFQ
336-033-001-6 NA NA Avl RFQ
336-044-101-0 NA shield emb Avl RFQ
336-054-101-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-062-601-6 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-062-701-6 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-062-740-6 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-062-801-6 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-062-901-6 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-062-910-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-065-403-0 NA pipe assembly Avl RFQ
336-066-301-0 NA spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
336-070-401-0 NA plug ay Avl RFQ
336-070-404-0 NA plug ay Avl RFQ
336-091-201-0 NA spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
336-093-203-0 NA vane ring Avl RFQ
336-094-705-0 NA seal assy Avl RFQ
336-460-071-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
336-462-071-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
336-463-006-0 NA drain fuel Avl RFQ
336-464-201-0 NA cap assy Avl RFQ
336-467-301-0 NA pin ay Avl RFQ
336-468-605-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-469-003-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-469-401-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-470-102-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-470-202-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-470-702-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-472-702-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-476-803-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-477-805-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-478-001-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-479-201-0 NA nipple ay Avl RFQ
336-479-303-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-480-303-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-480-305-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-480-503-0 NA clamp assembly Avl RFQ
336-480-605-0 NA drain fuel Avl RFQ
336-482-302-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-483-802-0 NA cover assembly Avl RFQ
336-483-901-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-486-001-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-486-102-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-486-303-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
336-489-604-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
336-493-204-0 NA inlet assy Avl RFQ
336-548-601-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
337-003-600-0 NA nozzle ay Avl RFQ
338-069-701-0 NA tube assy Avl RFQ
338-077-651-0 NA link assy Avl RFQ
338-107-002-0 NA blanket assembly Avl RFQ
338-111-502-0 NA ring ay Avl RFQ
338-111-701-0 NA seal assy Avl RFQ
338-162-201-0 NA seal assy Avl RFQ
340-148-702-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
340-154-201-0 NA bearing Avl RFQ
340-160-301-0 NA screw Avl RFQ
340-189-301-0 NA NA Avl RFQ
340-189-803-0 NA gear Avl RFQ
340-192-901-0 NA gear Avl RFQ
340-194-701-0 NA NA Avl RFQ
340-206-001-0 NA bracket Avl RFQ
340-257-201-0 NA bearing Avl RFQ
340-301-101-0 NA disk Avl RFQ
340-301-301-0 NA disk Avl RFQ
340-301-501-0 NA damper Avl RFQ
340-302-001-0 NA blade Avl RFQ
340-302-101-0 NA blade Avl RFQ
340-304-901-0 NA retainer Avl RFQ
340-310-201-0 NA blade Avl RFQ
340-406-101-0 NA washer Avl RFQ
390-660-101-0 NA plug ay Avl RFQ
4166-132 2915-01-196-4317 body valve Avl RFQ
649-302-024-0 5310-01-217-1923 nut plain plate Avl RFQ
649-302-101-0 5310-01-194-4570 nut plate Avl RFQ
649-434-234-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
649-434-242-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
649-434-252-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
649-434-254-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
649-434-404-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
649-434-532-0 NA hose assembly Avl RFQ
7129M21G01 2915-01-240-4755 shield electric Avl RFQ
856A1175G01 5905-01-340-7605 resistor thermal Avl RFQ
856A1222P03 5210-01-331-3694 caliper micrometer ins Avl RFQ
856A3012G01 5130-01-148-0494 puller hydraulic Avl RFQ
9107M39P02 5310-01-646-2165 washer flat Avl RFQ
9111M35P01 5305-01-181-1084 screw machine Avl RFQ
9111M86P02 NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
9111M86P18 NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
9339M40G01 2840-01-182-9910 seal air aircraft gas Avl RFQ
9394M21G01 5342-01-217-1927 bracket Avl RFQ
9523M58P01 2840-01-187-8261 shield heat aircraft g Avl RFQ
9816M38P01 5310-00-606-7351 washer convex Avl RFQ
9973M48G01 5340-01-179-1475 bracket angle Avl RFQ
9974M10P106 2840-01-182-9907 ring Avl RFQ
9974M10P206 2840-01-182-9907 ring Avl RFQ
E1E2864-01 2840-01-186-2423 mount turbine Avl RFQ
J1431P14 5340-01-648-9354 clamp loop Avl RFQ
J165P0550 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1001A NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1431 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1471 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1501 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1581 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1621 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1651 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1690 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1780 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1820 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1821 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J165P1910 NA resistor Avl RFQ
J221P138 5331-00-537-3929 o ring Avl RFQ
J813P009A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J813P021B NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J813P026A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P006B NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P008A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P009A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P009C NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P018A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P019A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P025A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P032A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P092A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J814P116A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J815P056A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J816P024B NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J816P063A NA bolt ay Avl RFQ
J952P18A NA screw Avl RFQ
J952P27A NA screw Avl RFQ
J970P05 NA insert Avl RFQ
K8002-6 NA insert Avl RFQ
KNYDJ4 NA insert Avl RFQ
KYNAR1-8X NA sleeve Avl RFQ
LPNF6220004 NA sleeve Avl RFQ
LPNF6220006 NA sleeve Avl RFQ
LPNF8784004 NA braid Avl RFQ
MS9025-12 NA NA Avl RFQ
P201P07 2840-01-204-3707 vane compressor aircra Avl RFQ
R287P10L 4730-01-232-0310 nipple Avl RFQ
SF001-01-16-16 NA sheath assy Avl RFQ
SF001-20-16-10 NA sheath assy Avl RFQ
SF001-20-16-12 NA sheath assy Avl RFQ
SLW40227M050 5310-01-183-1790 washer key Avl RFQ
SLW40227M070 5310-01-183-1791 washer tab Avl RFQ

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