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Do you need the aviation component with part numbers such as 0.375X.250, 0430-1009-030, 0430-1009-050, 101-5553X2-77-1, 101-5674X2L82 with associated NSN like 4730011919031, 3040011344068, 2530011344808, 2530011371242, 2530011371234 from Columbia Machine Inc? Aviation Parts Online, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, possesses an inventory of over three billion parts including Fitting, Cylinder, Endliners, Endliner, Dog Rear R H both new and obsolete for the aviation and aerospace industry. Our customers can easily find everything they need with our online search engines, and our dedicated account managers are able to deliver customized solutions to their procurement issues, such as a need for obsolete parts or aircraft on ground situations. We are committed to quality assurance, with an FAA AC 0056B accreditation and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certification and are the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing policy. If you’re ready to get started, simply fill out the Instant RFQ form on this page, and one of our dedicated account managers will respond within fifteen minutes or less.

CAGE Code: 34462, 58562
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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
0.375X.250 4730-01-191-9031 fitting Avl RFQ
0430-1009-030 3040-01-134-4068 cylinder Avl RFQ
0430-1009-050 2530-01-134-4808 cylinder Avl RFQ
101-5553X2-77-1 2530-01-137-1242 endliners Avl RFQ
101-5674X2L82 2530-01-137-1234 endliner Avl RFQ
1285-16-1R 3630-01-189-5505 dog rear r h Avl RFQ
201150 5930-01-137-0557 limitswitch Avl RFQ
251102 5945-01-135-9358 relay delay Avl RFQ
251106 5945-01-135-9362 relay delay Avl RFQ
2515-10 5365-01-137-0537 ring split Avl RFQ
2524 2530-01-137-3586 cylinderassy Avl RFQ
2528-3 5360-01-134-7424 spring Avl RFQ
303-136-5 5340-01-137-3614 carbolyinsert Avl RFQ
307-1-116 4820-01-134-7521 valve rotary selector Avl RFQ
307-1-21 5340-01-134-6182 bumper Avl RFQ
307-119 2805-01-137-3577 rotor Avl RFQ
307-151-10 5120-01-137-0530 ratchet tooth Avl RFQ
307-54-119A 5340-01-137-0535 insert Avl RFQ
307-54-31 5315-01-137-3601 rollerpin Avl RFQ
308-266-20 3040-01-134-2438 shaft slinger Avl RFQ
308-266-27 2530-01-134-2448 top quarter liner Avl RFQ
308-266-3 5210-01-134-2431 mixer blade l h Avl RFQ
308-266-8 3020-01-134-2439 bullgear Avl RFQ
308-266-83 5306-01-134-2429 bladebolt Avl RFQ
308-266-88 2530-01-134-2443 liner top full Avl RFQ
309-177-23 3020-01-134-4060 wheel Avl RFQ
313-130-14 3630-01-190-0119 plate sub Avl RFQ
313-150-30 3020-01-134-7383 wheelassembly Avl RFQ
313-16-140 3630-01-190-0113 clevis cyl Avl RFQ
313-16-18 3020-01-134-7358 wheelassembly Avl RFQ
313-16-24 5365-01-134-6087 spacer Avl RFQ
313-16-26 3020-01-134-7361 sprocketassembly Avl RFQ
313-16-60 3630-01-190-0128 eccentric Avl RFQ
313-16-95 3020-01-190-0126 chain clevis l h Avl RFQ
313-23-24 3020-01-134-7360 sprocket Avl RFQ
313-23-28 5360-01-134-7362 spring Avl RFQ
313-29-79 3020-01-134-7366 drivesprocket Avl RFQ
313-32-7 3630-01-193-1187 roller pipe Avl RFQ
313-35-34 5210-01-134-6071 rod Avl RFQ
313-43-4 5120-01-193-1254 socket socket wrench Avl RFQ
313-5-141 5315-01-134-6086 clevispin Avl RFQ
313-5-177 3040-01-134-7426 shoe Avl RFQ
313-99-84 3040-01-134-7377 cylinderassembly Avl RFQ
32-5340-0833-4 4810-01-134-6065 valve Avl RFQ
328-145-15 5930-01-135-9372 switch indicator Avl RFQ
333-32-9 3630-01-193-1188 roller Avl RFQ
366-2-199 3040-01-137-0514 cylinderassy Avl RFQ
367-5-206 3020-01-134-7367 drivesprocket Avl RFQ
370100 5355-01-135-0642 knob Avl RFQ
370160 5355-01-135-0643 knob Avl RFQ
380-2-51 3010-01-134-7357 rollerassembly Avl RFQ
380-213-186 2530-01-137-3613 wheelassy Avl RFQ
382-25-68 2540-01-137-0576 repkit Avl RFQ
382-481-1 2540-01-134-7374 conversionkit Avl RFQ
387-16-37 2530-01-137-3626 cylinder support Avl RFQ
387-16-51 2530-01-137-3627 wheelretains Avl RFQ
4156 3020-01-137-3587 idlersprocket Avl RFQ
426-8-33 3020-01-137-3596 sprocketassy Avl RFQ
426-8-59 3020-01-137-3597 sprocket assy Avl RFQ
446-25-20 2540-01-134-7373 pusherconversion Avl RFQ
53-5553X23 2530-01-137-0604 shoe assy Avl RFQ
53-5555X7-16 2530-01-137-1221 shoes Avl RFQ
53-5668X18 2530-01-137-0786 brakeshoe Avl RFQ
53-5678X14-32 2530-01-137-1482 brake shoe Avl RFQ
53-5679X11-16 2530-01-137-0785 brake shoe Avl RFQ
5674-82-28 3680-01-137-1232 complete mold Avl RFQ
600100 3040-01-135-0470 cylinder air Avl RFQ
60SD23 3110-01-189-5517 bearing assembly Avl RFQ
630309 5950-01-135-9370 coil asco Avl RFQ
630340 5950-01-135-9371 coul hannifin Avl RFQ
8310-4 5360-01-137-3599 spring Avl RFQ
87-5654X17-28-3 2990-01-137-1246 scrape off plate Avl RFQ
87-5674X15-28-3 2990-01-137-1240 scrape off plate Avl RFQ
872A3 5360-01-134-7350 spring Avl RFQ
A5705-13 3040-01-134-4059 shaft Avl RFQ
C1057-2 5315-01-137-0467 pin wheel Avl RFQ
C1057-5 3630-01-189-5503 plate wear Avl RFQ
C1149 2940-01-137-3588 filtersassy Avl RFQ
C1244-1 5340-01-137-0470 rod Avl RFQ
C1244-8 3630-01-189-5509 cam adjustable Avl RFQ
C1260-3 3040-01-193-6095 hub motor sheave Avl RFQ
C1290 5930-01-189-5501 shaft switch tap Avl RFQ
C1607-12 4720-01-193-6115 tube assembly Avl RFQ
C1611 4730-01-193-6114 bushing Avl RFQ
C2017-10 3630-01-193-6094 connecting shaft Avl RFQ
C2023-1 4710-01-137-0423 tube Avl RFQ
C2051-54 4810-01-137-0435 valve rotary Avl RFQ
C2081-3 5340-01-193-6120 bracketassembly Avl RFQ
C2085 2990-01-137-0464 rlrasyfddr Avl RFQ
C2100-8 2920-01-137-0445 cap outer Avl RFQ
C2102-20 4710-01-137-1207 pipe hydraulic Avl RFQ
C2127-5 3040-01-134-2413 cylinder assembly Avl RFQ
C2132 5365-01-137-0417 bushing Avl RFQ
C2147 5365-01-193-6092 bushing Avl RFQ
C2192-101 4730-01-137-0507 coupling pump Avl RFQ
C2192-8 5325-01-189-5751 ring retaining Avl RFQ
C2195-7 2510-01-137-0463 wheel assy flanged Avl RFQ
C2808-13 2540-01-137-0421 support wear plate Avl RFQ
C2812-3 3040-01-137-0482 shaftassy Avl RFQ
C2816-2W 2990-01-137-0454 plate top wear Avl RFQ
C2828-12 3990-01-134-2405 pallet table Avl RFQ
C2828-3 5306-01-134-2408 pallettablebolt Avl RFQ
C2828-6 2805-01-189-7220 coverplate Avl RFQ
CM-IE264P 4730-01-191-9034 fitting Avl RFQ
CM00 5325-01-137-0746 insert screw thread Avl RFQ
CM03-1-2-20NP 5305-01-193-6220 screw cap hexagon head Avl RFQ
CM04-8 5310-01-193-6126 nut Avl RFQ
CM05-6-12 5305-01-189-5748 screw machine Avl RFQ
CM05-6-16 5305-01-189-5746 screw machine Avl RFQ
CM05-6-22 5305-01-189-5747 screw machine Avl RFQ
CM06-3-8-16NCK 5306-01-193-6208 bolt internal wrenchin Avl RFQ
CM15-1636-1-4X45 4730-01-137-0521 fitting alemite Avl RFQ
CM16CF1-7-8 2805-01-137-3606 camfollower Avl RFQ
CM16R24RSS 3110-01-134-2456 bearing mcgill Avl RFQ
CM16SC 5340-01-137-3579 dodgeflangebrg Avl RFQ
CM16TRE8 3110-01-137-3747 bearing ball rod end Avl RFQ
CM18-2060CL 5315-01-134-6075 pin link Avl RFQ
CM18-80-S-183 3020-01-193-1174 chain Avl RFQ
CM18C2080 3020-01-137-1182 halflink Avl RFQ
CM20-240005N 5330-01-137-0442 seal oil Avl RFQ
CM20-240400 2540-01-137-0434 wiper Avl RFQ
CM20-240400N 5330-01-134-6084 oilseal Avl RFQ
CM22-1-1-4 5310-01-190-2637 washer Avl RFQ
CM22-1161A100 5945-01-137-0562 opconsource Avl RFQ
CM22-3-4 5310-01-190-2635 washer Avl RFQ
CM22-34819 5905-01-190-0101 potentiometer Avl RFQ
CM22-490537 2920-01-137-1185 coil Avl RFQ
CM22-8161A101 6130-01-137-0561 opconpowersupply Avl RFQ
CM22-9-1499 2920-01-137-1193 coil Avl RFQ
CM22-9007EA1 2530-01-137-0555 lever arm Avl RFQ
CM22B14G 5935-01-137-1143 stakons elec connec Avl RFQ
CM22STB125 4730-01-137-1216 flex fitting Avl RFQ
CM22STB50 4730-01-137-1211 flexfitting Avl RFQ
CM22STB75 4730-01-137-1213 flexfitting Avl RFQ
CM22TB113-60 5360-01-134-2422 clark coil Avl RFQ
CM22Y15 7690-01-137-1409 decal Avl RFQ
CM24A500 2540-01-137-0488 magnaloycoup Avl RFQ
CM24PVTP55025ER 2910-01-137-3633 pump Avl RFQ
CM26-4L390G 3030-01-137-3790 belt v Avl RFQ
CM27-1-1-4X36 4720-01-190-2585 hose hydraulic Avl RFQ
CM27-1-8X31 4720-01-190-2584 hose hydraulic Avl RFQ
CM27-5816-10 4730-01-137-0592 tubefitting Avl RFQ
CM27-5822-12 4730-01-137-1197 tube fitting Avl RFQ
CM28725-196RA 6620-01-137-0551 gage oil Avl RFQ
CM29-2500-2250-375 5330-01-137-0429 seal piston Avl RFQ
CM29-2500-3000-375 5330-01-137-0433 seal piston Avl RFQ
CM2SCV3000B 2990-01-137-0494 flowcontrol Avl RFQ
CM30-5000-112 5325-01-137-0736 ring retaining Avl RFQ
CM31-114 5330-01-137-0726 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM31-2-231 5330-01-137-0719 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM31-212-5 5330-01-137-0720 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM31-2449 5330-01-137-0722 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM31-351 5330-01-189-5739 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM31-622715 5330-01-134-2609 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM31-622717 5330-01-134-6164 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM31-623007 5330-01-137-7647 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM32-4447SE1-55 4820-01-137-7686 valve ball Avl RFQ
CM32-4447SE500 4820-01-137-7685 valve ball Avl RFQ
CM32-5340-0833-4 4810-01-134-2457 valve sol valve Avl RFQ
CM32-D3WICYX2143 4810-01-190-0196 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
CM320FISH0P010S 2990-01-137-0495 flow control Avl RFQ
CM32FFISHMIC02HRA 4820-01-134-7379 valve flow control Avl RFQ
CM32OD4DSHS1045 4810-01-134-7418 valve Avl RFQ
CM33 3 8X56 4720-01-193-1205 hose hydraulic Avl RFQ
CM33-1-4X56 4720-01-193-1199 hose hydraulic Avl RFQ
CM33-14X10-34-MM 4730-01-189-7223 hose Avl RFQ
CM33-3-8X30 4720-01-193-1200 hose hydraulic Avl RFQ
CM34-16 4730-01-134-2619 coupling pipe Avl RFQ
CM36-23-24 4730-01-137-1205 hose fitting Avl RFQ
CM36-42-2 4730-01-137-1202 hosefitting Avl RFQ
CM36-44-2 4730-01-137-0595 hosefitting Avl RFQ
CM36-49-12X12 4730-01-190-2597 fitting tube Avl RFQ
CM36-64-12X12 4730-01-190-2596 fitting tube Avl RFQ
CM36-IE1298 4730-01-191-9032 fitting Avl RFQ
CM36-IE129B 4730-01-191-9030 fitting Avl RFQ
CM36-IE272P 4730-01-191-9035 fitting Avl RFQ
CM44A570 5340-01-137-7508 rubber insert Avl RFQ
CM46-259NES5 5330-01-134-2461 packing Avl RFQ
CM46-366-1748 3040-01-134-2453 air cylinder Avl RFQ
CM46-366-2-234 3040-01-134-7384 cylinderassembly Avl RFQ
CM46-366-2-345 2805-01-137-3600 hcylinder Avl RFQ
CM62-1567 2940-01-137-0493 filter paper Avl RFQ
CM62-PF7502-134-04-W 2940-01-189-7234 filter Avl RFQ
CM623015 5330-01-137-7648 packing preformed Avl RFQ
CM62AF71 2940-01-137-0491 filter element Avl RFQ
CM62K25 2940-01-137-0490 filterelement Avl RFQ
CM62SKB1-1-2 2940-01-137-0492 filter oil Avl RFQ
CM62SKB3 2940-01-137-3592 filter Avl RFQ
CM63-8 5310-01-134-2451 nut hex Avl RFQ
CM66-5625-6-19 4010-01-134-2466 wipe rope Avl RFQ
CM90-22CB500-CB 3630-01-190-0107 element assembly Avl RFQ
CM98C2128-5 5360-01-134-2406 spring Avl RFQ
D3WIBYX 4810-01-134-6089 valve Avl RFQ
D6000 2540-01-137-0418 wiper sealcraft Avl RFQ
EC11 5950-01-134-4072 insert electronic Avl RFQ
MZ245025 5930-01-135-9373 switch limit Avl RFQ
MZ500510 5340-01-135-0462 door harness Avl RFQ
MZ560030 5935-01-135-9356 plug zero Avl RFQ
MZ640001 3040-01-135-0471 cylinder air Avl RFQ
OVO514 4820-01-190-7928 valve oil reg Avl RFQ

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