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Artex is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based aviation parts manufacturer specializing in the design and production of life-saving emergency beacons. Their expertise in markets such as marine parts, aviation, outdoor, and defense allows them to produce unrivaled beacons and survival gear for private citizens as well as leading manufacturers in the boating, defense, and aviation industries. Artex is a global business with customers ranging from private pilots to the world’s largest manufacturers, airlines, and governments.

For aircraft parts from Artex, look no further than Aviation Parts Online. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have an inventory of greater than six billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, civil aviation, and defense industries. Aviation Parts Online has top selling aircraft parts such 150-1904 (Spring Latches), 140-1720-01 (G Switch), and 611-4010 (Harness Dgl 1) in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. These parts and many more are readily available to every single customer.

Anything we don’t have in our inventory can be sourced through our unparalleled international supply chain network that spans the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, as we are the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing Policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come from a top aircraft part manufacturer like Artex. At Aviation Parts Online, our goal is not only to improve the parts procurement process, but to revolutionize it altogether. To see how we are doing this, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No NSN Description QTY RFQ
110-318 NA antenna high speed Avl RFQ
110-318-02 NA antenna elt 350 knots Avl RFQ
110-320 NA antenna rod tri Avl RFQ
110-320-04 NA antenna tri band rod black Avl RFQ
110-323 NA antenna rod dual elem Avl RFQ
110-324 NA antenna whip w indu Avl RFQ
110-324-02 NA antenna whip w indctr hm por Avl RFQ
110-328-01 NA antenna bld Avl RFQ
110-329 NA antenna whip Avl RFQ
110-329-01 NA antenna 406 whip w tps conn Avl RFQ
110-331 NA antenna whip w inductor Avl RFQ
110-333 NA antenna bld 16 22 1in Avl RFQ
110-333-04 NA antenna bld tri blk Avl RFQ
110-337-01 NA antenna bld protec edge Avl RFQ
110-340-01 NA antenna bld ci 319 1 5 Avl RFQ
110-343 NA antenna whip 21 41 Avl RFQ
110-650 NA prelim antenna 121 5 406mhz Avl RFQ
110-750 NA antenna portable black tape Avl RFQ
130-4005 NA buzzer Avl RFQ
140-1720-01 NA g switch Avl RFQ
150-1127 NA dsub housing grom tscrew Avl RFQ
150-1130 NA connector 15 pin female Avl RFQ
150-1850 NA plug 9 pin dsub chassis m Avl RFQ
150-1901 NA connector db 9 w lock Avl RFQ
150-1904 NA spring latches Avl RFQ
150-2109 NA connector cable end Avl RFQ
150-2118 NA connector bnc rg 142 a u Avl RFQ
150-5061 NA connector Avl RFQ
151-0038 NA plastic holder cell w 2 spri Avl RFQ
151-0057 NA me406 black g switch connector Avl RFQ
151-2100 NA contact socket 20 Avl RFQ
151-2101 NA contact pin 20 Avl RFQ
151-3119-01 NA connector r a flex cable Avl RFQ
151-4161 NA key polarizing Avl RFQ
151-5060 NA c406 n test loop back plug Avl RFQ
151-5061 NA relief strain Avl RFQ
151-6625 NA crimp terminal female 062 Avl RFQ
151-6628 NA terminal 10 pk Avl RFQ
151-6657 NA contact 10 pk Avl RFQ
151-9701 NA connector plug w strain relie Avl RFQ
160-0302 NA fuse pico 0 5 amp Avl RFQ
160-0313 NA fuse pico 1 2 a slow blo Avl RFQ
182-0775 NA tether assy 110 775 antenna Avl RFQ
183-0030 NA grommet strip nylon Avl RFQ
183-0050 NA gasket 093 x 055 Avl RFQ
183-0054 NA o ring 157 x 071 70ep Avl RFQ
183-0055 NA gasket strip Avl RFQ
183-5001 NA o ring 085 x 40 560 Avl RFQ
183-6503 NA strain relief 16 Avl RFQ
190-07-2000 NA welding tape bulk Avl RFQ
1916 NA light strobe incandescent Avl RFQ
200-01-0006 NA label log book entry exp date Avl RFQ
201-0810 NA screw 10 pk Avl RFQ
201-0832 NA screw php 8 32x1 3 4 ph ss Avl RFQ
201-6324-01 NA screw 6 32 x 5 16 blk Avl RFQ
202-0818 NA screw self tap 8 18x5 16 Avl RFQ
209-0002 NA screw 4 40 x 1 2 soc ss blk Avl RFQ
209-0411 NA screw 4 40 x 3 8 socket head Avl RFQ
217-0605 NA screw w oring 6 32x5 8 Avl RFQ
217-0606 NA screw 10 pk Avl RFQ
217-0805 NA screw thumb 3 16 20x1 120 Avl RFQ
217-0805-01 NA screw thumb 10 24 x 1 11 Avl RFQ
217-0806 NA screw thumb 10 24x1 187 c p Avl RFQ
2231 NA whistle signal w lanyard 2pk Avl RFQ
241-0440 NA nut hex 4 40 1 4 ss Avl RFQ
241-0832 NA nut hex 8 32x1 4 ss Avl RFQ
246-0008 NA washer 10 pk Avl RFQ
247-0400 NA washer 10 pk Avl RFQ
250-0100 NA standoff aluminum Avl RFQ
258-0002 NA stand off 6 32x5 8x1 4 hex s s Avl RFQ
280-0030 NA gasket db 9 connector Avl RFQ
280-0320 NA gasket Avl RFQ
280-0340 NA gasket 110 337 antenna Avl RFQ
280-0345 NA gasket antenna 110 337 Avl RFQ
280-0404 NA gasket top cover Avl RFQ
280-0408 NA gasket high speed antenna Avl RFQ
280-3000 NA flotation strip 2 40 x 7 00 Avl RFQ
280-4010 NA foam gasket dongle dgl 1 Avl RFQ
280-5000 NA nomax insulator 406 module Avl RFQ
280-6501 NA gasket nav interface die cut Avl RFQ
282-0500 NA washer rtnr blk plastic Avl RFQ
282-0502 NA washer flat 10 nylon 032 Avl RFQ
402-3023 NA cover elt 200 top orange Avl RFQ
402-3043 NA top cover me406 Avl RFQ
402-4011 NA cover dongle dgl 1 Avl RFQ
402-6000 NA cover elt110 6 Avl RFQ
452-0010 NA switch remote cessna Avl RFQ
452-0100 NA holster Avl RFQ
452-0102 NA battery tester 452 1001 Avl RFQ
452-0104 NA charger elt test set Avl RFQ
452-0128 NA battery li 6v Avl RFQ
452-0130 NA battery elt 110 4 Avl RFQ
452-0130-01 NA batt pack assy rb 100hm emi Avl RFQ
452-0130-02 NA battery elt 110 6 100hm Avl RFQ
452-0130-03 NA battery boeing al Avl RFQ
452-0180-03 NA mntg frame cap assy boeing Avl RFQ
452-0228 NA mounting cap yel assembly Avl RFQ
452-3025 NA cover assy 200 s Avl RFQ
452-3034 NA discontinued see 452 3034 1 Avl RFQ
452-3050 NA mntg tray assy elt discont Avl RFQ
452-3052 NA cover assy top mtg 406 Avl RFQ
452-3052-01 NA protective top assy 406l Avl RFQ
452-3052-03 NA protective top assy w insert Avl RFQ
452-3054 NA elt 110 p lithium battery pack Avl RFQ
452-3061 NA battery survival series Avl RFQ
452-3063 NA battery elt 200 al Avl RFQ
452-3065 NA battery Avl RFQ
452-3066 NA mounting bracket slb 406 Avl RFQ
452-3075 NA discontinued see 452 3075 1 Avl RFQ
452-5050-04 NA mounting tray 10 hole Avl RFQ
452-5051 NA mntg frame cap assembly elt Avl RFQ
452-5072 NA protective top cover assy w em Avl RFQ
452-5073 NA mounting tray assy w emi prot Avl RFQ
452-6499 NA NA Avl RFQ
452-6603 NA me sub ass Avl RFQ
453-0012 NA main assy me 183 nav interfac Avl RFQ
453-0020 NA switch rmt 28v Avl RFQ
453-0020-02 NA switch rmt assy 5v Avl RFQ
453-0021 NA remote switch raytheon Avl RFQ
453-0023 NA 453 0023 sel powered remote sw Avl RFQ
453-0029 NA remote switch gray panel Avl RFQ
453-0030 NA switch rmt toggle Avl RFQ
453-0161 NA panel cntrl boeing 737 Avl RFQ
453-5056 NA elt rb406 1hm m assy itar Avl RFQ
453-5061 NA elt c406 nhm m assy Avl RFQ
453-6603INS NA for warranties only me406 yell Avl RFQ
453-6700 NA survivor locator beacon transmmitt Avl RFQ
453-9700 NA switch rmt b1 28v blk Avl RFQ
453-9701 NA switch rmt g1 28v gry Avl RFQ
453-9702 NA nvp remote switch gray Avl RFQ
453-9703 NA switch rmt nvp itar Avl RFQ
455-0021 NA raytheon remote switch Avl RFQ
455-0027 NA switch rmt bell nvis Avl RFQ
455-0029-01 NA pack list remote switch 455 0 Avl RFQ
455-0030 NA install kit rmt lrjt Avl RFQ
455-0030-01 NA installation kit elt lrjt Avl RFQ
455-0041 NA packlist 2 wire elt interface Avl RFQ
455-0050 NA aiu 1 install kit Avl RFQ
455-0200 NA install kit elt 200 Avl RFQ
455-0777 NA black tether assy Avl RFQ
455-4010-01 NA install kit dgl 1 Avl RFQ
455-5000 NA elt c406 2 base pac Avl RFQ
455-5001 NA elt c406 2hm base pac Avl RFQ
455-5007 NA c406 1 w 110 340 and nvp rmt Avl RFQ
455-5011 NA elt c406 2 bld tri 2in Avl RFQ
455-5017 NA c406 1hm w 110 340 blade ant Avl RFQ
455-5018 NA packlist g406 4 base Avl RFQ
455-5027 NA c406 2 w blade ant learjet Avl RFQ
455-5028 NA c406 2 w blade ant and gry rmt Avl RFQ
455-503 NA b406 4 w 110 328 01 blade ant Avl RFQ
455-5030 NA elt c406 2 blade tri 2in Avl RFQ
455-5033 NA c406 2 w rod ant bombardier Avl RFQ
455-5034 NA b406 4 w 110 328 01 blade ant Avl RFQ
455-5035 NA c406 2 w bld ant black rmt sw Avl RFQ
455-5036 NA c406 2 bld ant 15 coax blk rmt Avl RFQ
455-5037 NA c406 2 bld ant 15 coax gry rmt Avl RFQ
455-5044 NA elt g406 4 whip w ind Avl RFQ
455-5045 NA c406 1 w 110 341 blade antenna Avl RFQ
455-5046 NA c406 1 w 110 343 rod whip ant Avl RFQ
455-5049 NA elt c406 2hm rod tri 10 Avl RFQ
455-5064 NA elt c406 nhm rod tri 1in Avl RFQ
455-5065 NA c406 nw blade antenna learjet Avl RFQ
455-5067 NA c406 n w blade ant 15 ft coax Avl RFQ
455-5068 NA pack list c406 n w gray blade Avl RFQ
455-5069 NA c406 nw110 341 blade antenna Avl RFQ
455-5070 NA c406 n w 110 343 rod antenna Avl RFQ
455-5075 NA pack list c406 n w 110 340 bla Avl RFQ
455-5555 NA c406 n special kit Avl RFQ
455-6196 NA switch nav remote pac Avl RFQ
455-6501 NA elt nav interface b Avl RFQ
455-6604 NA elt me406hm base pac yel Avl RFQ
455-6605 NA elt me406 yel whip Avl RFQ
455-6611 NA me406 self pwd rmt 110 773 Avl RFQ
455-6615 NA pack list me406p base Avl RFQ
455-6800 NA pack list me 232 nav Avl RFQ
455-7004 NA kit installation elt 110 4 Avl RFQ
455-7004-01 NA installation kit 406 Avl RFQ
455-7017 NA packlist c406 2 w dgl 1 base Avl RFQ
455-8997 NA kit interface harnesses 45 Avl RFQ
455-8999 NA beech harness kit 25ft Avl RFQ
455-9100 NA test set sarsatbeaconc406 nocc Avl RFQ
455-9700 NA switch rmt w instl kt bk Avl RFQ
455-9703 NA switch rmt nvp blk itar Avl RFQ
500-3000 NA attenuator 30db Avl RFQ
510-1200 NA desktop software Avl RFQ
570-1000 NA manual Avl RFQ
591-0012 NA label mod Avl RFQ
591-0287 NA label stock 3 0 x 0 6 in Avl RFQ
591-0428 NA label elt cautionary Avl RFQ
591-0999 NA label hex code Avl RFQ
611-0110 NA cable c406 110 series program Avl RFQ
611-1011 NA sub assem coax rg 178 3 2 Avl RFQ
611-1041 NA cable coax rg 178 smc to leed Avl RFQ
611-4010 NA harness dgl 1 Avl RFQ
611-6013 NA cable coax elt 110 4 Avl RFQ
611-6013-09 NA cable coax bnc bnc 7 hm prt Avl RFQ
611-6020 NA cable tnc tps 20 ft rg 142 Avl RFQ
611-6021 NA cable bnc bnc 20 ft rg 142 Avl RFQ
613-0012 NA flex cable 24 position Avl RFQ
850-0814 NA sealant strip d sub conn Avl RFQ

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